Formatting - Duration

Get formatted duration

const myDuration = new Duration(165684)

While such an object is quite neat for developers, it would be a pain when users see the same. There are methods for converting the any duration instance into a human-readable string.

The DD:HH:MM:SS format

The toTimeString method outputs a string in that format. Quite nice for timers and stuff.

// `00:00:02:45:684`

What if I don't want all of that? I just want a MM:SS timer!

Ok sure. You can pass from and to parameters to the method to just get the duration between those two.

myDuration.toTimeString("m", "s");
// `02:45`
The toString method uses toTimeString to generate a DD:HH:MM:SS -like string.

The word format

The toWordString and toDescriptiveString methods output a string in that format. Quite nice for normal text that ain't timers and stuff.

// `0 days, 0 hours, 2 minutes, 45 seconds, 684 milliseconds, 0 microseconds, 0 nanoseconds`

// `zero days, zero hours, two minutes, forty five seconds, six hundred and eighty four milliseconds, zero microseconds, zero nanoseconds`

You can provide specific units if you don't want all units.

myDuration.toDescriptiveString(["s", "h"]);
// `0 hours, 45 seconds`

Still too long? Fortunately, there's another method to generate a short string, toShortString!

myDuration.toShortString(["s", "h"]);
// `0h 45s`
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